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Affordable Quality Care

Dentures and Partials

Dentures are our specialty--after all, it's in our name! Our on-site lab produces high-quality, affordable dentures. Whether you need a removable partial to fill in a gap in your smile, or a full set to replace your natural teeth, we can help. Your initial consultation with our dentists is FREE, so schedule yours today!


Repairs and Adjustments

Has your denture or partial snapped or broken off? Has a tooth come loose and needs to be replaced? We can complete repairs while you wait. Need an adjustment to make your removable denture feel more comfortable? Our dentists can take care of that. Call us today!


Do you have a severe toothache? Did your denture or partial break unexpectedly? Emergencies happen, and we're here to help. We accept walk-ins and last-minute appointments. Call our office and we will work you into our schedule!

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Henson has provided all my dental care for the past 30 years–everything: fillings, extractions, caps, root canals. When it came time, he also provided my dentures, lowers that are implants and uppers that fit perfectly and look natural. Dr. Henson’s knowledge, experience, and professionalism are outstanding. I highly recommend The Denture Place to everyone for beautiful denture work that is both natural and affordable.

Jimmie M.

Thank you for saving my day today when Affordable Dentures didn’t want my business. The staff is so pleasant and happy and welcoming. I’m truly grateful to you for fitting me in to your already crazy busy day!

Rebecca L.

My husband had an appointment here for a consult on extractions and a plate. He is very nervous about going to a dentist. They made him feel very comfortable and reassured him about the fact that they would take care of him and his pain. They were very professional and explained everything to him. They were not condesending like so many dentists are. Very pleased with this office and all of the staff.

Debbie L.

Thanks to you all for the wonderful gifts you have given me through my SMILE! All of you are awesome. You are kind and caring. Thanks again for such an awesome job on my teeth!

Eddie R.

The Denture Place is great! Thanks everyone for your professionalism and your well-kept office space, and for keeping me comfortable. 

Sharon J.

I can’t thank these people enough for all they have done to get me my new teeth just in time for Christmas!!! I absolutely love [my dentist]!! She freaking rocks!!! As does the entire staff, who were all just as excited as I was about my new teeth!!!

Cathy C.

So far I have had a wonderful experience with everyone here. They’ve been punctual and professional from the start. I am very pleased with my new smile.

Jennifer M.

Just came back from my visit as a brand-new customer and was pleasantly surprised. They got all the (dreaded) paperwork out of the way and [I was] in to see the hygienist and the doctor in no time. Fast but yet efficient and thorough! There are a lot of dentists in McDonough; I’m just glad I found the best on my first visit!

Online Review

Very good service. Short wait time. Friendly, professional staff. Discussed treatment/remedy needed – as well as payment with me.

Ruth D.

For my first office visit, I think everyone did a great job. I called them to help my Mother; she needed a tooth pulled, and she was very happy with the process and the efficiency of the office, no issues there.

Tisha W.

Very impressive staff who took care of all my needs and concerns and I’m very happy that my sister referred me to this office.

Annette M.

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